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Helite Air Shell Gilet  
Helite Air Shell Gilet
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I couldn’t imagine ever going cross country without my Helite Air jacket it’s like a seatbelt and I just put it on instinctively. I completely forget it’s there but when I have a fall it’s like bouncing in a great big bubble. It feels 100% safe and takes all the impact. It’s incredibly light, breathable and doesn’t feel like you are wearing another layer. I also think it looks cool a bit like wearing a Special Forces jacket, you feel ready for action. It’s stylish and easy to put on and you don’t feel any different to any other eventer as everyone has one on. The people at Airvest are really friendly and helped me fit it. I was a bit anxious about what it would feel like when it went off so they let me try it too. It’s a fantastic company and they are such a supportive team. Once you’ve purchased your air jacket they are always there for you answering any questions you need. It’s also very easy to change the canister so I don’t have to stress about that.
Hero Douglas

Airvest Ltd is something I am very proud to be a part of. I met the team at Frickley Park Horse Trials in 2014 when I purchased my cerise pink Helite air jacket from them, the colour of it was so striking and so me I just had to have it! I have since become one of their “A-team” members and have thoroughly enjoyed becoming a part of their team. Not only are their products of the highest quality and standard, their customer service and after care is second to none. With Airvest you get the best of both worlds; the best products on the market sold to you by a highly experienced but caring and accommodating staff. An air jacket is a once in a lifetime purchase and you want to get it right. I know I did by choosing Airvest!
Kristie Clinch

I absolutely adore my Helite air jacket plus it’s in my XC colours, bonus! We all know how risky our sport is, so wearing my air jacket is a no brainer, whether I’m cross country schooling, competing or riding a young horse at home. Having tried on various other air jackets I felt this one was the lightest and most comfortable. To be honest I don’t even know it’s on! You wouldn’t drive a car without your seatbelt, now I won’t ride cross country without my Helite air jacket. Thanks to the incredibly helpful team at Airvest, I will be recommending this air jacket to all my friends and fellow competitors!
Sian Barton 

I have never liked wearing a body protector, but always been forced to by my parents. The Helite Soft Shell Blouson jacket was the perfect alternative. It is comfortable, stylish and extremely protective. You can't tell the difference between this and a normal show jacket. I've had a few nasty falls this year but thanks to my air jacket I have come off injury free!! It's absolutely brilliant and I highly recommend them!
Grace Booth