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Helite TT Airvest
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I commute every day to London from Chelmsford on my Yamaha MT09 I went into rear of car at 40 mph, I somersaulted 30 feet and landed on my back. I felt the airbag deploy in the air… I broke my arm and dislocated my wrist.  Medics in hospital said they would usually see multiple broken bones and a dead patent on arrival with this type of accident ! My bike was written off! To other bikers I would say the Helite vest saved my life or at least prevented life changing injuries, it seems expensive but it worked and it was the best purchase I've ever made!
RF –London – August 2015

The accident happened at approximately 50mph on the A12.   I came off the bike hitting the tarmac I had severe bruising to my right hand leg and arm and an injury to my leg.  The Airvest worked perfectly and inflated and protected my torso, hips and neck. There was no sign of any trauma or bruising were the jacket had protected me.   In my opinion the jacket saved me from severe injury.
GF –Preston - July 2015

I pulled out from a tee junction, The road was wet from the dew and unknown to me a slick of diesel. As I pulled away the bike high sided on me and ended up falling heavily on the kerb on my side. The next thing I knew I could not breathe properly but was in one piece, the Airvest had gone off. The Airvest saved me from injury and a lot of pain! Excellent product thank you!
TH – London

Wearing my Air Jacket feels comfortable and safe, when wearing it, I feel I can push myself that little bit more!! After a crash in Poland in July 2012 I was very pleased to be wearing my air jacket - it's a great safety product!
British Speedway Champion - Chris “Bomber” Harris