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Servicing at Airvest

As a general rule Airvest recommends that air jackets & vests are serviced every two to three years dependant on their use and condition. We offer a lifetime guarantee on the air bag component of the jacket or vest subject to the product being serviced & maintained according to company guidelines.

We recommend annual or more frequent servicing in the following circumstances;

  • Following a particularly bad accident, impact or fall.
  • If there is visible damage to the jacket or vest.
  • If you are a daily motorbike commuter.
  • If you have more than six inflations in a year.

Our Servicing Checklist

When we service your air jacket or vest we check the following items;

  • VISUAL APPEARANCE – Cuts/Tears/Abrasions/Cleanliness.
  • CONDITION OF COMPONENTS – Velcro/Stitching etc.
  • FUNCTION – Buttons/Clips/Zips.
  • TRIGGER – Visual Appearance & Condition.
  • KEY-BALL – Steel Cable/Correct Rotation//Mechanical Integrity
  • PISTON – Needle/Joint/Corrosion/Burr.
  • SPRING – Corrosion/Movement.
  • CAP – Paint/Correct Screwing.
  • SADDLE STRAP – Elasticity/Clip Function.
  • TRIGGERING – Test Force Resistance.
  • CO2 CANISTER – Weight/Visual Appearance.

We wash and clean all air vests and jackets; they will be returned to you with a service report documenting our findings. We will contact you directly should there be any issues.

Sending Us Your Air Jacket or Vest

We recommend that you send your air jacket or vest by courier or recorded delivery to ensure it doesn’t get lost or damaged – optional insurance is also available via this method.

Canisters should only be included if you are sending your jacket or vest by courier. PLEASE DO NOT SEND YOUR CANISTERS BY ROYAL MAIL – Royal mail reserves the right to destroy any parcels containing gas canisters. This means they could destroy your air jacket too!!

We aim to service and return your air jacket or vest via our chosen courier Parcelforce within 7 days – however the majority are done sooner. Please do let us know if you require a faster turnaround as there is a FAST TRACK option available for a small additional fee.

Please fill and print our Service Form to enclose with your parcel.

Please send all parcels to: (download Address Label)

Servicing Department
Airvest Ltd
Green Lane Farm,
Stainburn Lane,
LS21 2LF.

Airvest Service Fee - £50.00 (Inc. VAT & P&P). Please select the service option below as well as any additional items you may require in our shop section such as replacement canisters or extra saddle straps and lanyards.

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