Is there really that much difference between motorcycle jackets?

One look at the history of the iconic biker jacket – so beloved of music subcultures and film stars alike – might be enough to convince you that motorcycle jackets have generally always been the same. After all, when most of us think of biker jackets, we probably think of the leather jacket that was seemingly durable, warm and high quality the moment it was first worn on the battlefields of World War II – long before it came to be used by motorcyclists simply ‘going out for a ride’. Read more

A short history of biker jackets

The archetypal rugged leather biker jacket may seem to have always existed, but this is not – of course – the case. Only in the late 1920s was the first leather zipped motorcycle jacket as we now recognise it truly invented, and it took several decades after that to settle into its present status as an icon of effortless cool – a key moment being Marlon Brando’s appearance in one for his 1953 debut, The Wild One. Read more