10 reasons to buy a motorcycle

10 Compelling Reasons Why You Need A Motorcycle

In recent years, motorbikes have become an increasingly popular among road users of all backgrounds. Frankly, there are plenty of reasons for that popularity surge, and it’s about time you joined the revolution.

Whether you’re a new road user or an experienced car driver, getting a bike will improve your life greatly.

Here are just 10 Compelling Reasons Why You Need A Motorcycle.

#1. No More Traffic

All drivers can agree that sitting in rush hour traffic is one of the worst experiences of daily life. When you ride a bike, navigating through the cars to reach your destination is a huge blessing. Aside from reducing your stress levels, this can actively allow you to be more productive and spend more time with loved ones. Better still, there will be no more disciplinaries from your employer due to lateness.

#2. Budgets Work Harder

When buying a new car, a £10,000 budget won’t get you very far. You’ll probably take a mid-range vehicle that has 50,000 miles on the clock just to save some money. When buying a bike, you can see change from eight grand even when you buy a 2017 Yamaha MT-09. That extra two can be spent on upgrades and essential accessories with money left to spare.

#3. Reduced Running Costs

In addition to saving money at purchase, you’ll save cash during your time on the road. Bikes carry less weight, therefore using less fuel. Meanwhile, insurance and other associated costs can be cheaper. Even the repair jobs are often less damaging for your pocket. As a financial decision, switching to a bike may genuinely be one of the smartest decisions of your life.

#4. It’s Greener

Bikes make noise, which can bring emotional connections to causing damage. In reality, the greater fuel efficiency means that you’ll reduce your carbon footprint. Given that car emissions are the greatest danger to air quality and the ozone layer, this is genuinely a huge step to take. Fine, electric cars are an even better step that could become commonplace in future years. Right now, though, bikes are the most practical solution for greener road usage.

#5. Bikes Still Have A Human Touch

The way that cars are mass produced means that they are basically machines made by machines. Bikes still need human input for the intricate details. This makes each machine unique and charismatic. Meanwhile, alterations and upgrades are far more common in bikes than cars too. Given that your vehicle should be an extension of your personality, this factor is key.

#6. It Can Be Safer

Yes, as crazy as it sounds, riding a bike can be safer. A car can help reduce the impact of a crash, but it can also leave you trapped. This will not be an issue when you ride a bike. Meanwhile, the right safety gear can reduce the likelihood of serious injury. Your helmet will protect the brain while inflating crash vests work like an airbag for motorcyclists. If perceived danger was the reason for not getting a bike, you can lose that misconception immediately.

#7. Your Mental Health Can Improve

Although riding solo means no human interaction, you will feel like you are exploring the great outdoors. This can help you connect to a more spiritual side as well as nature. When combined with the exhilaration of riding, the impact on your frame of mind can be massive. Essentially, you’ll feel alive and, consequently, far happier.

#8. You’ll Meet People

The journeys themselves may be lonely, but stop offs can be far more fun. It’s very rare to get talking to a fellow car driver. However, bike riders will often have a friendly chat at service stations and other areas. Whether it’s to discuss motorcycles, potential riding routes, or simply say a quick hello doesn’t matter. Those small interactions can genuinely make your day far better.

#9. Riders Take More Care

Most car drivers are quite happy to let their cars become dirty while they also ignore the signs of growing damage. On the other hand, motorcyclists take great pride in their beautiful bikes. Not only do they keep them clean, but they also get issues fixed. Even customisation is more common among riders. In turn, that enables you to get far more out of your ride. This can only be positive news.

#10. It’s More Fun

Driving a new car is great fun for the first few days, but the novelty soon wears off. When riding a bike, however, every journey is fun. Track days, scenic explorations, and tours can take the sense of adventure to a new level altogether. But even if you stick to driving around the city, every turn fills you with a little excitement. Suddenly, using the road evolved from being a chore to being your new favourite hobby.

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