Misconceptions About Motorbike Riders

14 Common Misconceptions About Motorbike Riders

The number of motorbike riders continues to grow at a rapid rate, meaning the road is packed with an increasingly diverse collective. Still, the bikers collective still regularly struggles to shake off some of the misconceptions.

Here are just 14 of the most ridiculous things that outsiders wrongly assume about riders.

Riders Are Thieves

Everyone has seen footage of thieves using bikes as a quick getaway vehicle, and this can alter our perceptions. In reality, though, the vast majority of motorcyclists are normal members of society. No rider should fall victim to prejudice on this front.

Motorbike Riders Are Taking More Risks

Again the media has a lot to answer for on this one. Statistics show a minor increase in accidents involving motorbikes, but this is far less telling than most people assume. As with any vehicle, you get responsible and irresponsible road users. And sometimes, riders are simply in the wrong place.

Bikers Have Less Protection

When a crash does happen, it is probably better to be surrounded by a car. However, modern crash vests inflate after impact to help cushion the blow in the same way that an airbag does. Moreover, the rider won’t be crushed. In some circumstances, riding a bike may actually reduce injuries.

Riders Are All In Gangs

A love of bikes can be a source of connection for some riders. In reality, the vast majority simply ride for their enjoyment. This could be because they love the feel, or perhaps they hate sitting in traffic. Either way, assuming that a biker is in a gang is pretty stupid.

Bikers Are Loners

Even though it contradicts the above point, many people think riders are loners too. After all, they ride solo, right? Well, people drive cars without passengers and face very little negativity. The bike is simply the most efficient form of transport before they can see their loved ones.

Motorbike Riders All Have Tattoos

Again, many outsiders assume that biking is a way of life. For many, though, it’s little more than an effective and practical mode of transport. As with cyclists, motorists, and van drivers, bikers come from a whole host of backgrounds. The perceived stereotypes are often very wide of the mark.

Riders Smell

For some reason, a lot of people picture riders to be unwashed oaths with aggressive natures. This has never been the case but is even further from the truth. Motorbikes are now popular among many social groups. There is absolutely no link between the two ideas.

Bikers Are Rude

Whether it’s road rage or fighting in a pub, TV would have us believe that all bikers are incredibly rude. Once again, the ratios are virtually no different to those affecting any other group in society. While some riders are indeed rude, the vast majority are pleasant human beings.

Riders Are Speed Demons

Many people have a misconception that riders choose their bikes because they want to break the speed limits. In truth, the top speed of a mid-range car will often be a lot higher than a bike’s. Crucially, though, the people on those bikes are just as responsible as those in cars.

Motorbike Riders Are Unsafe Due To Helmets

Helmets are viewed by many to be quite problematic. The perception is that they restrict peripheral vision as well as hearing. However, helmets are an essential piece of equipment for a rider and cause no added danger to other motorists either. In fact, the fact they use them shows responsibility.

Bikers Can’t Drive

Some people also assume that riders can’t drive a car, which is why they ride a bike instead. Wrong. More and more motorists are buying motorbikes as secondary vehicles. It may just be used for commuting or track days. Many riders are very good drivers and can relate to a driver’s views.

Motorbike Riders Don’t Understand Road Signs

Aside from thinking the practical side of a test is easy, many assume the theory is simple too. Frankly, bikers must undergo the same rigorous preparation to pass their tests. If they are on the road (legally), then there is no reason to doubt their ability or comprehension of it.

Small Riders Are A Danger

When handling a big machine, physical strength is a key feature. However, there are plenty of lightweight models on the market. So smaller, weaker riders can still use their bikes in a sensible fashion. It simply requires a mature decision when buying.

Motorbike Riders Are Too Defensive

Above all else, riders aren’t actually even that bothered about what you think. It’s not that they’re rude. They are simply accustomed to facing negativity and have grown a thick skin to brush it aside. If they think riding is practical, safe, and fun, why should anyone stop them?

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