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Motorcycle Safety Tips That Make Sense

There are plenty of ways to commute to work these days, and one of the most popular and quick ways to do it is via motorcycle. The numbers of motorcycle commuters are rising in an effort to combat both carbon footprint and rush hour traffic both to and from work. You get to add two motorcycle rides to every work day, and while this is a rush and a great way to feel alive during the day, it’s hard going.

Commuting to work every day means dealing with rush hour traffic, gridlocked roads and crowded parking facilities; not an easy thing to deal with when all you want to do is get to work faster than a car. You don’t want to blend in with the commuting crowd; you want to stand out so that your commute can be as safe as possible. For that to happen, you need to check out these safety tips that’ll make your commute as accident-free as possible!

Stand Out

Firstly, commuting is not about looking super slick on your bike and roaring down the road. It’s to get you from your home to your place of work without any grief. While your black leather jacket is sleek and on point, it’s not going to help you stand out from the crowd during your motorcycle commute. Wear your brightest and reflective clothing or a high-viz airvest, purchase a commuting-friendly bright yellow helmet and get yourself seen on the road. The more neon you are, the less you blend in.

Protect The Crown

Whether you’re commuting or not, you should be wearing a helmet. However, as a commuter, you need to protect your head as much as possible due to the possibility of accidents. You should be wearing a full coverage helmet, and a flip-up modular helmet is a perfect solution when you need to stop and talk to someone en route to the office.


The commute comes with accessories sometimes, especially if you would usually have a laptop or briefcase for work. You’ll also need somewhere to hold your work shoes, seeing as your biker boots won’t match your formal attire. It’s for this reason that the bike you use for your motorcycle commute should have hard-sided, lockable luggage. This is the safest way to get your stuff from A to B without any damage. Top trunks with clamshell lids are a great solution for this!

Maintain It

For the ultimate in motorcycle commute safety, you need to have the safest bike possible. This means checking the pressure in the tires once a week at the minimum, and keeping an eye on the level of your oil whenever you top up your gas. Maintenance is an important factor in safe and reliable motorcycle commuting.

There’s nothing more freeing than being on the road. The key is to do it safely and carefully so that you can get to work in one piece every day.

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