Staying Safe Commuting By Bicycle

Commuting to work by bike is a great way to keep fit and avoid the rush hour traffic or cramped public transport. Cycle paths are few and far between, however, and even when they are available, they’re not always very well kept. Safety is always important, whether you’re on a cycle path or contending with cars on the road. If you already commute to work or you’re thinking about making a change, here’s how to stay safe.

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Top 12 Biking Blogs in the UK

Motorcycles provide riders with a freedom that they cannot get while boxed into a car. They give you a sense of adventure and make every trip out of the house a thrill. It’s precisely why there are so many motorcycle blogs on the web at the moment; like-minded individuals have felt that thrill and want to share the exhilaration that they feel. When you want to browse the best of the web for the sharpest and most interesting motorcycle blog, you can find inspiration – in no true order – in the top 12 motorcycle blogs in the UK below.

Chessie’s Tales, Motorcycles And Rides

What this blog lacks in colourful backgrounds, it sure makes up for in content. This stunning blog showcases some of the best photographs taken while biking, making you feel like you’re on that ride with them!

We Buy Any Bike

A group of total biking addicts have come together to build this site, and they know how easy it is to get your bike sold – so you can upgrade to another!

Greasy Kulture

If you’re in the mood to learn more about Harley chopper bikes, hot rods and classic bikes, you’re in the right place.

Biker’s Hub

When you want riding routes, product and motorcycle reviews, Bikers Hub is the place to be. Click for debates, opinions and reviews on your favoured bikes.

Beginner Bike

It’s always fun to follow the adventures of others, and this blog follows a newbie biker to the streets of London. Riding, commuting, product reviews and more.

Biker and Bike

The lighter side of biking, there are safety tips, reviews and chat about the best bikes in the market today.

Motorcycle Diaries

Amazing roads, the endless horizon and the people they meet along the way, this blog takes you on an adventure in travel.

Guided Motorbike Tours LTD

Providing informative, engaging content, Guided Motorbike Tours LTD has a varied and interesting blog that even the most enthusiastic rider will love.

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