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How the Air Vest can Keep you safe on your motorbike

In the Event of an accident

If you fall off the bike the lanyard will pull out the bearing from the trigger mechanism and release the CO2 from your canister into the Airvest to fully inflate it in 0.094 seconds.

  • The rapid inflation of your vest will straighten your spine and significantly reduce your ability to roll your helmet in a side ways and backwards direction.
  • Your upper Torso will be held ridged.
  • Your vest will be at maximum pressure for around 10 seconds only before slowly deflating. It can take up to 7 minutes to completely deflate. The most important time is after the initial inflation as it is that time when most motorcycle injuries occur.

Hopefully you have survived the accident and have few or no serious injuries. Your vest or jacket will now need some attention:

  • Unscrew the ‘used’ CO2 canister until it comes out
  • Follow the user guide to re set your trigger mechanism
  • Screw in a new CO2 canister
  • Check your vest for any deep cuts or tears to the fabric. Do not worry about superficial scratches to your Airvest or jacket, they are made from high performance abrasive fabrics
  • If you are worried in any way about the apparent damage to your Airvest send a photograph showing the damage to
  • If your vest or jacket are fine and the product has saved you from serious injury PLEASE TELL US! Every month we give away a FREE REPLACEMENT CO2 CANISTER to the best accident report we get.

The Canister

Your canister will be 50cc, 60cc or 100cc depending on the size of your Airvest or Jacket. How it works is illustrated in the diagram alongside.

  • You must replace the canister after every inflation
  • Our CE Certification recommends that your CO2 Canister is replaced after 3 years.
  • Please do NOT use CO2 canisters which are not supplied through the Helite distribution network. The problem is that some of them do actually work, but they significantly reduce the inflation speed and pressure within the airbag, rendering the product ineffective in accidents.

Helite Airvest Crash Test


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