Benefits Of Wearing a Bsafe Cycling Vest

Just in case you slept in through those dark and frosty mornings. On the off-chance that you’ve missed the early setting of the sun. In case you were oblivious to your rising heating bills… Winter is well and truly here. For commuter cyclists, the winter offers us a plethora of opportunities. We can pedal our way to work while enjoying some beautiful frost coated vistas. We can feel like a human steam train as our breath puffs out in little clouds that we leave in our wake. We can enjoy a sense of freedom that our fellow road users in cars rarely get to enjoy on winter roads. Read more

Staying Safe Commuting By Bicycle

Commuting to work by bike is a great way to keep fit and avoid the rush hour traffic or cramped public transport. Cycle paths are few and far between, however, and even when they are available, they’re not always very well kept. Safety is always important, whether you’re on a cycle path or contending with cars on the road. If you already commute to work or you’re thinking about making a change, here’s how to stay safe.

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Motorcycle Safety Tips That Make Sense

There are plenty of ways to commute to work these days, and one of the most popular and quick ways to do it is via motorcycle. The numbers of motorcycle commuters are rising in an effort to combat both carbon footprint and rush hour traffic both to and from work. You get to add two motorcycle rides to every work day, and while this is a rush and a great way to feel alive during the day, it’s hard going.

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New Cartridge Size for Helite ROADSTER and CUSTOM models

As part of the continuous improvement of our Helite airbags, we changed the capacity of the cartridges concerning 3XL and 4XL sizes of our ROADSTER and CUSTOM models.

We inform you that you these updated products will be on the website in the next few weeks.

Why are we changing the capacity of the cartridges concerning 3XL and 4XL sizes of our ROADSTER and CUSTOM?

Helite has a policy of continuous improvement of its products, especially on the airbag protection. Our textile engineer managed to increase the time of inflation by improving the shape of the airbag concerning the 3XL and 4XL sizes for the Roadster and Custom models, which provides a better protection for the user. We can’t keep a 100CC cartridge because of the volume of the CO2 gas which is not adapted for the airbag (too high pressure compared with the new shape). So for these two sizes, we move from a 100cc cartridge to a 60cc cartridge.

How can I know which cartridge I have to use?

You can check easily the size of your cartridge thanks to the label located inside your vest/jacket right next to the cartridge.
For information, the modification regarding the capacity of the cartridge for the 3XL and 4XL sizes begins from the serial numbers below :

  • ROADSTER (black & vintage) -> SE/RS/XXXC or SE/RS/18XXXX

What will happen if a customer uses the wrong cartridge?

  • If you use a 100CC cartridge instead of a 60CC cartridge: in case of inflation the pressure will be too high and you will have a feeling of compression, nevertheless you will be protected.
  • If you use a 60CC cartridge instead of a 100CC cartridge: in case of inflation, the pressure won’t be sufficient and you will be less protected.

We are sorry to impose this change, but we believe that increasing the level of protection is our priority.

The Best Motorcycle Rides In Yorkshire

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of getting out on the open roads, and there are few better places in the UK to take to the tarmac than Yorkshire. This vast county is a veritable adventure playground for motorcyclists with all kinds of terrain on offer and some of the most spectacular scenery you could ever hope to see. If you’re thinking about taking a trip out on the Yorkshire roads in the coming weeks, here are some of the best rides out there. Read more