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  • The airbag racing jacket has been specially developed for the race track. Attention has been focused on aerodynamics with a perfect fit and a space for the suit’s hump. For more security, the jacket is made up of abrasion resistant materials and with an excellent protection at the front/back for a double TURTLE effect !

    An airbag vest designed and tested by the pilots for the pilots !

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  • Helite Turtle Technology is the latest air jacket innovation – Helite have successfully revolutionized safety protection levels for motorcyclists.

    The unique feature of the Turtle Airvest is that the CE certified EN1621/2 back protector has been placed on the outside of the air bag – a shock resistant outer material which acts like a turtle shell. It has a similar design to a helmet – a hard layer on the outside with soft material on the inside.

    This results in a resistance to puncture forces and full dispersion across the airbag surface. The improvements are VERY significant in respect of protecting against small, sharp, protruding objects – ideal for when you are out on the X-country course.

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  • The Motorbike Air Shell Range by Helite combines safety, comfort and style. The technical ‘Tekseries’ fabric is windproof, shower-proof and the stretch allows for outward expansion. The gilet is frequently used as a comfortable option for children, underneath speedway suits (allowance in the suit should be made for expansion of the air bag) and is also great for ‘every-day’ use.

    What sets the Air Shell gilet apart from other air vests or jackets on the market is that the outer ‘shells’ are interchangeable. The gilet has a unique ‘zip-out air bag system – you can swap the gilet outer for a different colour or style depending on the weather, your mood or how you want to look. The interchangeable outers are also washable (30° in a standard washing machine) which means you can keep them looking smart and stylish all the time.

    This Product includes the full Air Shell Air bag system and 1 interchangeable outer of your choice.

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  • The original Airnest is one of Helite’s most popular models due to its versatility and application to almost any sport.

    The comfortable lightweight vest is available in a variety of colours including Hi-Viz for the safety conscious rider.

    The vest is designed to slip on over your normal riding wear. The easily adjustable fastenings enable you to alter the jacket quickly and ensure a great fit.

    The vest is CE certified and has as a removable KNOX EN1621/2 back protector providing protection to the neck, spine, pelvis and vital organs. This Helite vest is a great all rounder!!

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Showing all 4 results