How Airvest products offer protection against potential injury

Air jackets have a lot more to them than simply inflation. The way a jacket inflates, plus the amount it inflates and when it does so can make the difference between life and death in the event of a crash.

Here is how our products work to keep our users completely safe.

Quick CO2 gas release

Our vests and jackets quickly inflate to help absorb the impact of a crash, providing a soft, cushiony surface to land onto when you fall. The gas used to create this cushiony feel is CO2, which is located in a cartridge fitted in the product.

The inflation is triggered by a key ball that is attached to the user with a clip. Once this key ball is pulled out, indicating that you’re falling off your vehicle, a piston is quickly shot up by a spring that proceeds to pierce the CO2 gas cartridge and release the gas throughout the jacket before impact.

Optimal air pressure

The released CO2 is what keeps your body protected against crashes or falls, but it isn’t as simple a process as just inflating the jacket to maximum capacity. The right amount of air pressure needs to be achieved for it to be of any use.

Insufficient CO2 will provide minimal protection, potentially cause the jacket or vest to be pierced or damaged, and most likely lead to injuries for the wearer. The same applies when the vest is inflated too much, as high pressure is likely to cause a puncture and make the vest useless.

Airvest products provide sufficient air pressure to make them highly effective at absorbing shocks. We find a happy medium to keep you fully protected and significantly reduce the risk of damage to the jacket or vest.

Tight grip to the body

All safety apparel needs to be strapped on tightly to provide any protection. If anything were to fall off or out of place, you could sustain critical injuries upon impact.

Airvest products bind tightly to the wearer, creating a cocoon effect around the whole body.

Airvest jackets and vests also inflate around the neck area to prevent the wearer from getting whiplash upon impact. This neck support is positioned in such a way that it remains below the helmet at all times to stop the helmet coming between the support and the user’s neck.

Enjoy full protection with Airvest

To learn more about the different kinds of safety air jackets that we have available, as well as the science behind them, please get in contact today



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    • Hello Deborah, The air vest must be worn on the outside of your jacket, this is to allow space for the inflation, should the worst happen. I hope that helps.

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