UK Motorcycle Touring Rides

5 Best UK Motorcycle Touring Rides

Been thinking of planning a motorcycle roadtrip? You don’t have to journey afar to find great touring roads. The UK has a number of routes that have become biker favourites for their fun driving conditions and breath-taking scenery.

Here are five of our favourites motorcycle touring rides

Cheddar Gorge, England

Known for its cheese and iconic ravine, the area surrounding Cheddar in Somerset is also one of the UK’s most thrilling routes for motorcyclists. You’re best heading from Chewton Mendip to Cheddar via the A371. You’ll come across a few twisty bends before the opportunity to drive through the gorge itself. This route can get popular during holiday seasons – travel through here in the morning and you’re likely to miss the traffic.

The Lang Whang, Scotland

Scotland’s A70 runs from Edinburgh to Ayr and is nicknamed the Lang Whang (the ‘long way’). The road is steeped in history and mythology, at points inhabited by Robert Burns and Burke and Hare, as well as being a popular spot for UFO sightings. Crossing open moorland, the road is mostly large stretches, although it does have some rather challenging parts with bends and hills. You’re best off attempting in the summer as spots of black ice can make it a dangerous winter route (psst, make sure to wear your airvest!).

Antrim Coast Road, Northern Ireland

For those that want a scenic coastal route, nothing quite beats Northern Ireland’s mighty Antrim Coast Road. Along this route lie spectacles such as Giant’s Causeway and Dunluce Castle. We recommend taking this one slow – you’ll want to take in the surroundings, and whilst there are barriers along most of the cliff edges, some of these are ancient stone walls that don’t look like they’d take a crash very well. In fact, you’re best sparing a whole day for this road so that you can stop at places along the way.

Bwlch y Groes, Wales

Welsh for ‘path of the cross’, this mountain pass has long been popular for avid motorcyclists. It was once used to test vehicles’ hill-climbing capabilities. It’s no challenge for modern vehicles, but of course you should expect a lot of uphill climbing. The scenery is exceptional and you’ll want to stop along the way to take photos. If you can time your ride for the morning, you’ll be less likely to deal with traffic.

Cat & Fiddle, England

No UK list could be complete without the Cat & Fiddle. Stretching across the peak district, this road has become a mecca for motorcycle enthusiasts across the country. It’s no easy route and has been branded one of the most dangerous roads in the UK for its twists and turns. Plus, you’ll likely have to deal with sheep and hillwalkers. Being in a national park, the scenery is predictably fantastic. You’ll see lots of groups of bikers around this area – the Cat & Fiddle Inn, after which the route gets its name, is a must-visit and is a great place for soaking up the motorcycle culture.

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