Benefits Of Wearing a Bsafe Cycling Vest

Just in case you slept in through those dark and frosty mornings. On the off-chance that you’ve missed the early setting of the sun. In case you were oblivious to your rising heating bills… Winter is well and truly here. For commuter cyclists, the winter offers us a plethora of opportunities. We can pedal our way to work while enjoying some beautiful frost coated vistas. We can feel like a human steam train as our breath puffs out in little clouds that we leave in our wake. We can enjoy a sense of freedom that our fellow road users in cars rarely get to enjoy on winter roads.

However, while cycling to and from work in the winter can be a lot of fun, it also behoves us to stay smart and stay safe on the roads, especially as the mornings and evenings grow colder and darker while the roads and cycle paths get more slippery and treacherous. For those serious about their safety on the road this winter, a Bsafe cycling vest is the ultimate investment. Here’s why…

It’s discreet, comfortable and stylish

Nobody wants to cycle to work looking like the Michelin man, laden with bulk and weighed down by boxy appendages. While the Bsafe cycling vest boasts a plethora of smart safety features, it is as discreet as a typical safety vest, sleek and stylish and extremely comfortable whether you’re cycling or on foot.

The Bsafe cycling vest is made from light, breathable and ultra resistant fabrics meaning that you’ll get the very best protection without feeling restricted. There’s a black model for ultimate discretion and a yellow model for unparalleled visibility on the road. Both models have reflective stripes which can be seen in dark or murky conditions.

It gives you the protection of an airbag, when and where you need it most

The Bsafe cycling vest is designed to inflate in the event of a collision, cushioning your fall and giving you unbeatable protection in the areas that matter most; the neck, the back and the thorax. The airbag is made of strong nylon fabric which is highly tear resistant and won’t rip after it is inflated. What’s more, after each inflation, the airbag automatically deflates slowly and can be used again almost immediately afterwards. All you need is a replacement C02 cartridge. Replacing the cartridge is quick and easy, meaning that you’ll never be without the Bsafe cycling vest’s outstanding protection.

It uses smart technology that guards against an accidental deployment

Worried about your cycling vest’s airbags deploying while you’re cycling normally or waiting at traffic lights? Worry no longer! The Bsafe cycling vest uses smart technology designed by a team of engineers who have simulated hundred of falls in order to develop an algorithm that’s easily able to distinguish normal cycling from a fall or collision. A sensor and the vest and a companion saddle sensor work in tandem to trigger the airbag before you hit the ground, but only in the event of a collision.

It’s simple and autonomous

You’d think something this sophisticated would be difficult to set up, but nothing could be further from the truth! The vest itself is super simple to use. To activate it, all you need to do is put it on and close the zipper. A green LED will light up to confirm that it is switched on. To deactivate the system, simply unzip and remove the vest. It couldn’t be simpler! The system is also completely autonomous. No cables are needed to connect the device to the bike and the battery in the vest can last for up to 7 days while the battery in the saddle sensor has a life of up to 10 years.

Can you afford not to wear a Bsafe cycling vest on the road this winter?

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